More About Me : )

I grew up and attended university (Zhejiang University, ZJU) in Hangzhou (杭州), China. Before university, I went to Hangzhou No.4 High School (杭州第四中学), Cuiyuan Middle School (翠苑中学), and Sandunzhen Central Elementary School (三墩镇中心小学).

During my undergraduate, the best times that I had are outside my lovely home university, who is kind enough to (financially) support me wonder about other parts of the world. I traveled to Trento University, Italy, for one semester supported by ERASMUS+. I went for a Mitacs Globalink summer internship at York University, Cananda, hosted by professor Gerd Grau. I also participated in a leadership programme—Master Kong Dream Scholarship Programme—at Waseda University, Japan, supervised by professor Sachiko HIRAKAWA.

Academically, I studied computational fluid dynamics. At York University, I worked on simulating the hydrodynamically focused printing process. At Waseda University, I was exposed to public policy and studied Japanese government’s measures against Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs). I have also worked on semantic segmentation of satellite images at the State Key Laboratory of Satellite Ocean Environment Dynamics supervised by professor Gang Zheng. It eventually became my bachelor thesis.

My interests include travel, skiing, and basketball. I enjoy wine, especially with friends (what’s the point of drinking alone??). I love musical. My favorates are les miserables and Hamilton.

I believe in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. I am committed to promote these values.

Following are some pictures of mine thanks to Riki!!!